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Succulent Pictures

Pictured are examples of some succulent cuttings that have been sent to our customers in the succulent Plant Cuttings Pack.

Varieties such as agave, aloe, aoenium, aptenia, cotyledon, crassula, echeverias, gasteria, hawothias, kalanchoe, sedums, sempervivums and senecio are just some of the varieties that are included in our Packs.

What your are purchasing are all STEM cuttings and OFFSETS (with roots) so they will grow quickly. The size of the cuttings will be in proportion to the size of the mature plant. Some will be small, some large.

There will be ground covers, shrubs and accent (focal) plants included in the mix.

One of the rules of garden design is to plant in groups of three. If you would like to try this designers trick choose the landscapers pack on the Succulent Cuttings page.

  Name: Description: Aspect: Height
oscularia deltoides
oscularia deltoides Violet lavender flowers in spring summer, an interesting shaped petite ground cover, can be grown indoors. Sun / Part Shade 15 15-30
carpobrotus acinaciformis
carpobrotus acinaciformis Also known as 'giant pigface', mat forming ground cover with daisy like pink flowers. Full Sun 15-30 30-45
aeonium green beauty
aeonium green beauty Branching aeonium in a bright green Sun / Part Shade 50 100
sedum autumn joy
sedum autumn joy herbeceaus perennial with soft green leaves and vivid red flowers in Summer, early Autumn Sun / Part Shade 80 70
sedum clavatum
sedum clavatum Elegant and compact. Globular blue rosettes with red highlights. Sun / Part Shade 15 30
senecio serpens
senecio serpens The pointed blue leaves are outstanding as a contrast against greens in the garden. The insignificant flowers in summer can be removed are the show stopper. Sun / Part Shade 30 100
stapelia gigantea
stapelia gigantea The flowers of this four angled stemmed plant are remarkable. Once seen, never forgotten. Starfish shaped flowers of dark red mid summer spanning 7 to 25cm across. Sun / Part Shade 30 10
aeonium species
aeonium species Maroon leaves with green tinge. Branching habit with bright yellow flowers in winter. Sun / Part Shade 100 50
crassula dubia Low growing with paddle shaped leaves, small white flower in summer. Sun / Part Shade 40 30
mesembryanthemum bellidiformis Also known s 'pigface', trailing groundcover of small cylindrical leaves covered in a mass of daisy like flowers, numerous colours. Full Sun 15 30
echeveria setosa
echeveria setosa Clustering almost stemless hairy rosettes with red and yellow flowers in spring/summer Full Sun 15 15
cotyledon orbiculata
cotyledon orbiculata Waxy rounded leaves that have a white covering. Fast growing with salmon bell shaped flowers Sun / Part Shade 35 80
mesembryanthemum Dwarf Variety dwarf pigface, trailing groundcover with pink daisy like flowers Full Sun 10 20
aeonium arboreum 'Schwarzkop'
aeonium arboreum 'Schwarzkop' Deep maroon leaves that darken in the sun.  Branching habit with bright yellow flowers in winter. Full sun 100 50
haworthia attenuata
haworthia attenuata Forms a mat like growth of rosettes. Dark green with white bands. An interesting succulent for the shade. Shade 7 7
aloe black gem A lovely clumping dwarf aloe. The foliage is greenish brown intensifying to nearly black in summer. Full Sun 20 20
kalanchoe beharansis 'fang'
kalanchoe beharansis 'fang' Felt covered triangular leaves on branched stems. Fast growing. Sun / Part Shade 90 30
graptoveria giant
graptoveria douglas huth Large pinkish Purple rosettes in a star shape forming a shrub. Sun / Part Shade 20 rosettes 20
senecio mandraliscae
senecio mandraliscae Larger leaves than senecio serpens the blue is stunning in the garden. Sun / Part Shade 30 50
echeveria glauca
echeveria glauca Commonly known as 'hen and chickens' Pale blue clumping rosettes with most unusual flowers of red outside yellow within. Fast growing. Sun / Part Shade 15 25
aloe mitriformis (variegated)
aloe mitriformis (variegated) Hardy variegated variety with yellow strips adding interest to the garden Sun / Part Shade 30 30
echeveria ''violet queen'
echeveria 'violet queen' A beautiful clumping variety with rosettes of blue grey leaves tinged with purple Sun / Part Shade 15 15
kalanchoe beharensis
kalanchoe beharensis Felt textured waxy leaves up to 40cm across. Magnificent sculptural value Sun / Part Shade 300 100
cotyledon orbiculata 'Silver waves'
cotyledon orbiculata 'Silver waves' Waxy wavy leaves that have a white covering.Use to line driveways and paths as it seemingly glows in the dark. Fast growing with salmon bell shaped flowers Sun / Part Shade 35 80
aptenia cordifolia purple
aptenia cordifolia purple Fast growing groundcover. Fleshy bright green heart shaped leaves with purple, red or yellow flowers through spring and summer. Sun / Part Shade 25 1200
crassula arborescens
crassula arborescens Silver grey leaves with redish dots. Very slow growing. Sun / Part Shade 100 35
kalanchoe fedtschenkoi var. kalanchoe kalanchoe fedtschenkoi var. Scallop shaped leaves of predominatly green and salmon bell shaped flowers Sun / Part Shade 50 80
crassula tetragona Also known as mini pine tree. Can be grown indoors. Sun / Part Shade 30 10
aeonium species aeonium species Green leaves with brown stripes. Branching habit. Sun / Part Shade 50 100
kalanchoe peltata kalanchoe peltata Little spade shaped leaves adorn this shrub. Brilliant orangey red flowers in summer.   50 20
kalanchoe marmorata kalanchoe marmorata Unusual leaf succulent with brown/purple blotches that need light to fully develop. Develop large white flowers over 5cm across. Sun / Part Shade 30 15
sedum species sedum reflexum Also known as blue spruce fast growing ground cover of lovely soft bluish leaves Sun / Part Shade 15 60
aeonium haworthi aeonium haworthi Blue green with red edge foliage that grows to a compact shrub. Yellow flowers in spring that make a striking cut flower. Sun / Part Shade 50 100
crassula argentea 'coral' crassula argentea 'coral' deep green tubular leaves edged in red, this species makes a great bonsai. Bright pink flowers in summer Sun / Part Shade 100 100
kalanchoe beharensis 'oakleaf' kalanchoe beharensis 'oakleaf' Felt textured leaves shaped like a oak leaf Sun / Part Shade 300 100
senecio cultivar 'nola's pride' senecio cultivar 'nola's pride' Tall upright shrub Sun / Part Shade 60 15
echeveria setora echeveria setora Green echeveria with red tinges quickly grows into a mound with numerous offsets. Sun / Part Shade 20 10cm heads
aloe spinossisma aloe spinossisma Fast growing clumping variety with grey green leaves. Lovely red flowers in summer. Sun / Part Shade 150 30
echeveria nodulosa echeveria nodulosa Grey green leaves with dark red markings. Unusual species with pinkish white flowers Sun / Part Shade 20  
crassula undulatifolia crassula undulatifolia undulating tightly knit bright green leaves Sun / Part Shade 100  
sedum adolphi sedum adolphi Thick leaved golden succulent, with branching habit. Plant en masse for dramatic effect. Sun / Part Shade 20 30
aloe saponaria aloe saponaria Stemless rosette of lance shaped leaves of pale green with white speckles. 60cm stalks in summer with orange flowers. Sun / Part Shade 20 40
sedum species sedum species Fast growing ground cover Sun / Part Shade 20 40
aloe vera aloe vera Clump forming that suckers. Thick, fleshy leaves and yellow tubular flowers on a branched stem. Sap can be used on burns. Sun / Part Shade 50 20
echeveria derenbergii echeveria derenbergii Clumping succulent with lovely little rosettes. Good indoor plant by a sunny window. Red and yellow flowers in summer. Sun / Part Shade 10 20
dudleya farinosa dudleya farinosa Unusually pale blue leaves, Winter grower, pale yellow flowers on 50cm tall inflorescence  Sun / Part Shade 20 15
yucca elephantipes yucca elephantipes Dramatic plant with stiff green leaves, large clusters of white flowers. Can be grown in pots. Sun / Part Shade 1500  
sempervium tectorum Medium rossettes of green with purple tips. Best in pots in colder climates. Ideal for rock gardens and banks. Sun / Part Shade 15 20
sempervium arachnoides Commonly known as 'cob webs' house leek. Has fine webbing over light green rosettes. Sun / Part Shade 3 4
sempervium lemon and lime sempervium lemon and lime Lime coloured foliage usually pink flowers in summer. Ideal for rock gardens and banks. Sun / Part Shade 15 20
sempervium mixed species sempervium mixed species Sempervivums are a must for rock and roof top gardens Sun / Part Shade 3 4
aloe mitriformis 'gold tooth' aloe mitriformis 'gold tooth' Clustering rosettes on a sprawling stems, white spotted green lined with yellow teeth. Red flowers on 60cm stems in summer. Full Sun 30 20
cotyledon orbiculata cotyledon orbiculata Waxy rounded leaves that have a white covering. Fast growing with salmon bell shaped flowers Sun / Part Shade 35 80
cotyledon orbiculata 'macrantha' cotyledon orbiculata 'macrantha' Green leaves with red tinged shrubbing habit Sun / Part Shade 90 leaves 10cm
echeveria woolly rose' echeveria woolly rose' green clumping variety with striking orange and yellow flower Sun / Part Shade 30 30
aloe arborescens aloe arborescens Shrubby plant with bright orange flowers in the middle of winter. Sun / Part Shade 300 300
sempervium big red sempervium big red Medium sized rossettes of dark red that clumps readily. Sun / Part Shade 10 6